Michael Hartwell

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That’s our pastor, a number of years ago. He still blows a little trumpet, and occasionally plays in worship when the real musicians allow him.

Michael began his call at Crosswinds on January 1, 2001.  Coming from Brush, a small rural town in the plains of Colorado, to a large city took some adjustment for him and his family; however, both Michael and Christi grew up in Phoenix and in many ways the move to Crosswinds was coming home.  Rev. Hartwell believes that the changing society calls for a new and dynamic church that is diverse in style, active in mission, and in all things faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Crosswinds, Michael found such a church.  “Crosswinds is dynamic congregation whose people are passionate about their faith and their desire to fulfill the church’s mission.  They were not looking for a leader that would tell them what to do, but someone who would guide, encourage and support them as they strive to do the ministry of Jesus Christ.”

Music Leaders

Daniel Eastburn, Cathy Brock & Thomas Hartwell

Daniel is a charter member of Crosswinds.  Daniel and  his wife Kate have been an important part of the music program since the church was chartered.  They truly understand the significant role music plays in experiencing the presence of God in worship and building fellowship within the community.  Daniel leads the Crosswinds Philharmonics and plays a variety of instruments including guitar, mandolin and even the banjo.

Cathy’s primary role in worship is directing Crosswinds’ Choir.   She also is part of Crosswinds’ Philharmonics, playing flute, piano, percussion, or singing.

Thomas has been the primary keyboardist since 2011.  Besides accompanying the Crosswinds’ Philharmonics and Choir, Thomas assists Daniel and Cathy in the selection of music, tweaking the music for our particular musicians and instrumentation, and sharing his vocal talents.

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