Michael Hartwell

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That’s our pastor, a number of years ago. He still blows a little trumpet, and occasionally plays in worship when the real musicians allow him.

Michael began his call at Crosswinds on January 1, 2001.  Coming from Brush, a small rural town in the plains of Colorado, to a large city took some adjustment for him and his family; however, both Michael and Christi grew up in Phoenix and in many ways the move to Crosswinds was coming home.  Rev. Hartwell believes that the changing society calls for a new and dynamic church that is diverse in style, active in mission, and in all things faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Crosswinds, Michael found such a church.  “Crosswinds is dynamic congregation whose people are passionate about their faith and their desire to fulfill the church’s mission.  They were not looking for a leader that would tell them what to do, but someone who would guide, encourage and support them as they strive to do the ministry of Jesus Christ.”